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Corona dyne test pen using method

2018/7/10      view:

Corona dyne test pen using  method

Description: the corona dyne test pen is suitable for testing the surface tension of plastic film, glass, ceramic and metal. easy use,exact test resulsts.

The surface tension of the material tested by the dyne pen ,we called corona dyne valuel  is a decisive standard in surface treatment technology, general the corona surface tension value is higher, the easier for  color or adhesion, a lot of plastic film's corona value is low, the surface tension  needs to dealing with the physical or chemical treat,ment  to make it easier to print or adhesion.In addition, the cleanliness of material surfaces such as fingerprints and grease will reduce the surface tension/corona value.

Such as material/corona surface tension value less than 38 mn/m, poor adhesion force ,need more than 38 mn/m level to increase  the adhesion force, so  test material surface tension value  in the production process is very important.

Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) film/corona initial tension value of 31 mn/m, qualified tension membrane/corona is 38 mn/m, membrane tension/corona value less than 38 mn/m is unqualified, there may be off, the risk of false does stick and degumming glue.

The pink dyne test pen is non-toxic and can replace the traditional blue test solution (DIN 53364 and ISO 8296 pass the test criteria).

Range of values of Corona-plus in Taiwan:

34/36/38/40/38/40/46/48/46/48 a set of 10


Firstly, the dain test pen with the corona value of 38mN/m was selected.

Jasmine keeps the surface clean and smooth;

Attach the dyne test pen to the surface.

In 10 seconds, observe changes in the dyne test solution;

Analyte (5 to 10 seconds between surface stroke for signs of contraction disappear indicates/corona surface tension values have not reached dyne pen mark, the value of the test liquid, at this time with less than 38 dyne test of mn/m pen test, has been measured to the measured object surface stroke showed no sign of contraction disappear, indicates/corona surface tension value reach dyne pen mark, the value of the test liquid.

After use, the cover must be closed.


Alpha is fast and accurate;

The method of using substances is simple.

3. Non-toxic;

To test with a small amount of test fluid.


After use, the cover must be well covered to avoid test fluid volatilization;

Circulating ink should be avoided to the eyes and skin. If there is any, please rinse with water.

(3) stored in 15 ~ 25 ℃ the shade, avoid direct sunlight.

warranty life: the maximum length of a single piece can be drawn 200m, and the storage time is 1 year