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    Corona Treating for Coating Applications

    2015/1/20      view:
    Maintaining high quality coating on paper, film, metalized film and foil substrates at production line speeds requires a method of enhancing substrate surface energy. Corona treatment will promote bond sites and increase surface energy without sacrificing the positive properties of the substrate. In coating applications, treater system design has undergone significant changes to accommodate lighter webs, higher line speed operation and advanced substrates. The range of developments has included the requirement for handling conductive substrates, nips at the treater roll, using the treater roll as a “pull roll,” and modifying the treater station design to reduce wrinkling and “backside” treatment. Several techniques have been tried in search of good way to accommodate conductive substrates and to reduce wrinkling and backside treatment. One approach, dual dielectric/coated roll technology, has become by far the primary method used to overcome these problems. A history of the various technologies used is discussed, and the current state-of-the-art in equipment, control parameters, and applications are explained.