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HeFengwater cooled electronic UV curing system

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Application: all kinds of adhesive sticker printerg, screen printer, UV drying machine,Satellite rotary presses, flexo printing machine, intermittent printing presses, tunnel type UV curing machine, PS version of the printer
Power: 3571015KW

 Input voltage: AC22-380V0 士10%    50/60 hz 

Dry size: 260-640mm
Drying speed: 50-100m/min

Configuration: Siemens PLC, inverter, touch screen
Advantages: save electricity 30%, long service life

Product category description:

HeFeng UV for domestic and foreign well-known brands flexo UV. Intermittent. Rotary type printing machine equipped with UV drying curing system.

Scope of application:
1, all kinds of rotary, half rotary, intermittent computer multicolor trademark, report printing, etc
2, suitable for all kinds of  trademark printing machine of home and abroad brand
3, the most suitable for absorbent material, such as PVC, Polyster, Trinidad and Tobago, dragon, thermal paper, etc.
4, apply to computer statements of paper drying, printing speed can reach 50-250 - m/min.

The machine features:
1, the application of UV instant dry, with automatic half a light control and lampshade automatic closing device.

2, linkage with printing machine,easy operate and control.
3,fast production speed, simple maintenance, it can customize according to customer requirements.
4, UV lamp shade shutter, durable more than 200000 times.
5, high power output up to 600 w/INCH
6, can make drying extent from 150 mm to 1500 mm specifications of UV system
7, the correlation of the machine automatically weaken shading
8, can make  low temperature of cooling system 

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