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CD-106B electrostatic eliminator

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  • Brand:    Hefeng
  • Type:    CD-106B
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Application:In the spinning and solf package industries,for the film combination,Coating&gluing,lable printing,cold framed,offset printing,screen printing,film blowing,cutting,slitting(unwinding and rewinding)

Safe,shockless and touchable

Fast,thorough and effective static eliminating performance.

Prevent electric shock and fire hazard during production.

CE Certification



Input voltage:220V±10% 50/60Hz

Output voltage:7KV

Output power:50W

Effective distance:10-150mm

Offset time:Positive 0.1S  Negative :0.2-0.3S

Eliminator size:155L*140W*130H(mm)

Eliminating bar length:customized;

Configuration:aluminium crust airproof,dampproof,dustproof ,easy fixed.

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