FR-06 corona station

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Products parameters


Output power:2-15KW Optional(can be used with CD-50/CG-2000 series generator)

Input voltage:220VAC/380VAC  

Online speed:5-400M/min(customized)

Effective treating width:300-3000mm(customized)

Treating side: Double sides

Treating side:double sides

Discharge electrode:metal electrode

Application range:Nonductive insulation film such as PP、PET、PE、PVC, etc...

Suit for:Slitting machine,casting machine,laminating machine,extrusion machine,cutting machine and coating machine;



Corona principle

Use high-frequency high-voltage on power pole in the discharge between the roller and corona,low temperature plasma formed by ionization of air between the poles to produce ozone,which is a strong oxidizer,can change the molecular structure of plastic surface to make it non-polar into polarity.At the same time after the corona treating,it will cause uneven surface hole roughen.It iwll enhance surface activity,such as the increase in surface tension,that is,ink,glue,etc.Will be able to further penetrate the material and processed to achieve he ideal effect on the printing and glue application. 


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