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FR50B plasma treater

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  • Brand:    Hefeng
  • Type:    FR50B 600W
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Product parameters 

Model: FR50B

Output power: 0.6KW

Input voltage: 220/230VAC  ±10% 50/60KHz

Working frequency: 22.5KHz

Treating width: 8-17mm

Gas: 0.4Mpa without oil or moisture

Working principle

Plasma treater usually being called Plasma surface treatment machine,Plasma processor,plasma polishing machine and plasma cleaning machine.This machine consists of  three parts,there are plasma generating apparatus,gas pipes and plasma spray gun.Plasma treater relies on electricity,generates high voltage and high frequency energy.These energies in gun tube is activated and controlled glow discharge plasma,by compressed space and chemical changes.Surfaces in plasma processing has been activated,help to increase the adhesion for bonding,coating,printing and sealing of the product.

Product features

1. Increase the bonding strength: after plasma treatment can increase the material's surface tension and makes water-based glue more permeable, enhance box bond strength from the surface to improve the quality of products.

2. Wide application: 

3. Efficient: online processing per minute up to 300 m/min, and pasting box machines, wire can be used, greatly improve production efficiency; 

4. Enhance transparency: compared with the traditional grinding wheel, don't leave any traces in the material surface after treatment, and does not produce dust, enhance the aesthetic surface, at the same time to strengthen the printing process; Safety and health, suitable for food, medicine and other packaging industry. 

5. Use time and long service life: can online more than a month in a row, guarantee the need of the high strength work, at the same time, through the ISO9001 certification, CE to ensure the quality of use. 

6. The use of low cost: electrical work continuously around only once every day, effectively reduce the production cost;



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