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CG-2000 series Corona generator

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  • Brand:    Hefeng
  • Type:    CG-2000
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Product parameters


Output power:2~30KW 

Input voltage:220VAC/380VAC

Application range:used with corona station

Products features

♦Intelligent multi-function control system:

       ①2 working mode choose; 

       ②various working parameters setting; 

       ③Multiple man-machine operation interface and working datas and image display.

♦Digital LCD screen display

    Working mode display;

    ② Current setting power display and current actual output power display;

    ③ Continuous working time timing; 

    ④ Equipment important parameters status display(Power,frequency,current,speed,etc...);Corona running speed real-time display.

♦Manual control and automatic working mode;

♦A variety of corona treater working state alarm,and equipment protection alarm.


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