German groove ceramic electrode

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Hefeng Ceramic electrode can be used as corona machine discharge electrode to treat conductive materials(metalized film,laser film,aluminum platinum,copper platinum,aluminum laminated lable,etc...)and the insulation film(PP、BOPP、LDPE、PET、PS、PC)

Specifications:groove ceramic electrode 16*16

LengthAccording the requirements Customized


Ceramic electrodes make it possible to treat any substrate, even metalized films and foils.
Although rugged, protecting ceramic electrodes from excessive heat and physical shock is of paramount importance. The first step in understanding these enemies of the ceramic electrode is understanding the construction of the electrode itself.
Ceramic electrodes must be handled more carefully than metal electrodes. They must be protected from collisions with large substrate splices, tools and any other abrupt contacts. Damage resulting from physical shock is usually manifested in a significant break around the circumference of the ceramic tube. This type of damage is almost always fatal to the electrode and it must be immediately replaced.

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