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108-004 electrostatic eliminator(gun)

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  • Type:    108-004
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108-004 ionizing gun 是一种可提供强力离子风到物体上的手持式静电消除器。用于大量除尘和中和静电广泛用于精密产品,电子组装生产线,医药制造等。离子作用距离可达一米。it must be using with the matched eliminator. 

Product parameters

Model:108-004(using with CD-108 eliminator)

Input voltage:220V±10% 50/60HZ

Output voltage:4.6KV


HV cable length:3M


Product parameters 

*Aluminium alloy gun,size small and flexible;

*Coaxial-cable connection,high voltage cable more resistant to bending,more safe and reliable;

*Fixed screw locking gun is more solid and durable.

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