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FR50BR Plasma treater

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  • Type:    FR50BR 1KW
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Product parameters 

Model: FR50BR

Output power: 1KW

Input voltage: 220/230VAC  ±10% 50/60KHz

Working frequency: 22.5KHz

Treating width: 50mm(rotation)

Gas: 0.4Mpa without moisture or oil

Working principle

Plasma treater usually being called Plasma surface treatment machine,Plasma processor,plasma polishing machine and plasma cleaning machine.This machine consists of  three parts,there are plasma generating apparatus,gas pipes and plasma spray gun.Plasma treater relies on electricity,generates high voltage and high frequency energy.These energies in gun tube is activated and controlled glow discharge plasma,by compressed space and chemical changes.Surfaces in plasma processing has been activated,help to increase the adhesion for bonding,coating,printing and sealing of the product.


Products application

1.Printing and packaging industry  

Specifically for UV, laminating, glazing, such as all kinds of high polymer materials surface processing; avoid all kinds of packing box gluing problems (such as toothpaste box, cosmetic box, cigarette case, wine box, electronic toy product box).Improve the working efficiency, reduce the pollution of polishing and eliminate the paper pasting box machines powder pollution, save material, save the cost of glue (using ordinary water-based environmental protection glue).  

2. Digital industry:

Mobile phones, laptops and other digital products shell spraying, LOGO and decoration of the adhesive, display of adhesive, does never glue; Increase the processing surface adhesion, prevent digital products shell to take off the paint and the keyboard words fade;

3.Automobile manufacture industry

For all kinds of rubber seals for car doors and Windows, interior trim, light, air conditioning wind device of local coating; Was also used to increase the automobile brake block, wiper, oil seal, dashboard, the engine of the adhesive sealing, for waterproof, sound insulation, has a lot of improvement.


4. Hardware Industry  

Metal spraying pretreatment of various steel by plasma surface treatment, to enhance the surface adhesion. the metal after surface plasma treatment,highly prolong the service life,and its wear resistance is untreated object 20 times.


5.Plastic industry:

It mainly used in coating and adhesive before processing, the processed product surface not to drop paint, words don't fall off and fade.

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